Excellence is the focus of our firm, concentrating on areas where our expertise is recognized.

On this page, you will find an exemplary list of our selected fields of practice.


Our FSA specializations

Droit des Successions

Inheritance Law

We provide advice in the planning of your estate or assistance in the settlement of an open estate…

Responsabilité civile et assurance social

Law of Torts and Insurance Law

We assist you in resolving the legal consequences of harm caused to others…

Droit de la construction et de l'immobilier

Construction and Real Estate Law

We guide you through regulations and transactions, contracts, construction disputes, building permits, and real estate leases…



We accompany you, either as lawyers or mediators, in the process of amicably resolving conflicts…

Our areas of expertise

Icone - Droit pénal

Criminal Law

We provide advice to individuals involved in criminal offenses, whether as a defendant or a victim…

Icone - Droit de l’immigration

Immigration Law

We assist both individuals and companies looking to establish themselves in Switzerland…

Icone - Droit des affaires

Business Law

We advise individuals and companies in the context of their commercial activities…

Icone - Droit de la santé

Health Law

We understand health law to encompass all legal aspects related to healthcare and medical treatments…

Icone - Droit civil

Civil right

We advise you in various relationships you have with other individuals, either as an individual or as a Company…