The role of attorneys evolves and clients increasingly expect from their counsel a stepped-up support and personal accompaniment in their projects and decision-making.

Far more than only legal considerations, nowadays attorneys must be able to take into account various factors: economic, strategic, politic, emotional, etc.

Our core activity includes legal advice to both individuals and private sector corporations, from planning your estate, to the building or selling of your house, from the implementation of an ambitious project to the writing of complex contracts.

Eigenmann Associés strive to advise and especially accompany you in your various projects. Thinking of a long-term and individualised relationship, we aspire to make the achievement of your goals easier.

In light of this ideal, we accompany you in all the steps necessary to achieve your goal and provide you with concrete and realistic advice based on your specific needs.

Litigation is at the heart of the attorney’s working activity. The attorney must be able to start, or to react, to various legal proceedings that must be initiated, or which have been initiated by or against his client.

Nowadays the attorney’s work has been modified by legislative inflation, combined with the globalisation of commercial transactions and of the places of residence of private individuals, all taking place in an increasingly more technical world with problems becoming constantly more specific.

Attorneys must not only stay constantly informed of local legislative trends and case law, but also of international trends.

In light of this, we represent and defend you in front of all judicial, administrative and arbitral authorities. Our specialisations and selected areas of practice allow us to offer you high-quality services in all areas of law.

Our selected areas of practice and of specialisation are particularly:

    • Civil Law
    • Inheritance Law
    • Civil Liability Law
    • Construction and Real Estate Law
    • Labour Law and Insurance Law
    • Health and Medical Law
    • Moveable and Immoveable Securities (leasing, mortgage, mortgage note, etc.)
    • Business and Company Law
    • Banking and Regulatory Law
    • Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition Law
    • Criminal Law
    • Immigration

Two public notaries, located in Ticino, can proceed with the execution of authenticated deeds, particularly in the areas of Wills, Marriage and Inheritance Contracts. They also execute authenticated deeds for companies, including formation of a company, amendment of the by-laws etc.

Our attorneys and public notaries – by virtue of their great experience and competence – can also collaborate with your public notary of confidence to create the best solution.

The flexibility, the efficiency, the increased role of the parties, the confidentiality and the cost control, but also the finding of a solution convenient for all the parties and therefore respected in the long term, increasingly make mediation proceedings a preferred choice in light of our clients’ best interests.

Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution method, conducted by a mediator whose role is to give the parties a chance at self-determination and to help them in this process. It means that the parties will be accompanied to solve their dispute by themselves.

By virtue of our experience, but also because of the flexibility allowed by mediation proceedings, we can advise within mediation proceedings or participate as a mediator in various areas of the law.

When concluding a contract, the parties can foresee that any upcoming dispute will be solved by an arbitral court.

This dispute resolution method is common in practice, especially for companies, as it allows them to choose specialised arbitrators in the specific area of the agreement, particularly regarding complex contracts. Parties also have a stronger impact on the conduct of the proceedings.

Arbitral proceedings can often be conducted in English, the length of the proceeding is more subject to the will of the parties – the arbitral award is in general deemed more quickly than a judgement from an ordinary Court – and confidentiality is generally better preserved than in judicial proceedings.

By virtue of our great experience, we can advise within arbitral proceedings in various areas of the law.

We can also advise you, when writing a contract, regarding the advantages and the disadvantages of including arbitration clauses.