Eigenmann associés

Eigenmann Associés is a law firm and public notary firm active in Switzerland and abroad.

The law firm provides a comprehensive service, offering support, advice, and legal representation to a demanding clientele seeking expert and personalized assistance.

Étude Eigenmann Associés


The Firm offers a global advisory and legal service to a demanding clientele wishing to have expert and personalized support.

Thanks to the significant diversity of specializations and preferred areas of expertise gathered within the firm, we are able to meet your expectations in various legal fields. Whether you seek legal advice, mediation services, representation in court or before arbitration authorities, we can serve you as legal counsel or arbitrator.

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Activities - Eigenmann Associés
Droit des Successions

Inheritance Law

We provide advice in the planning of your estate or assistance in the settlement of an open estate…

Responsabilité civile et assurance social

Law of Torts and Insurance Law

We assist you in resolving the legal consequences of harm caused to others…

Droit de la construction et de l'immobilier

Construction and Real Estate Law

We guide you through regulations and transactions, contracts, construction disputes, building permits, and real estate leases…



We accompany you, either as lawyers or mediators, in the process of amicably resolving conflicts…


Eigenmann Associés is a law firm and public notary firm active in Switzerland and abroad.

The lawyers and notaries of the firm have extensive experience and excellent training, including specializations recognized by the Swiss Federation of Lawyers (in Inheritance Law, in Construction and Real Estate Law, in Torts and insurance law and in Mediation).

The Firm has offices in Lausanne and in Locarno.

Place Bel-Air 1
Case postale (26)
CH – 1001 Lausanne

+41 21 311 21 21

Via Alberto Franzoni 29
Casella Postale 442
CH – 6600 Locarno

+41 91 756 22 66

Publications & Conferences

Eigenmann Associés supports the continuous training, legal research, and the active involvement of its associates and partners in legal publications and conferences.

For example, you will find below a list of the latest publications and conferences in which we have participated.

Publications & conférences - Eigenmann Associés