The Firm

Founded by Yves Hofstetter, Antoine Eigenmann, Fiorenzo Cotti and Lucien Gani, Eigenmann Associés is a law firm and public notary firm (Locarno) active in Switzerland and abroad, with offices in Lausanne and Locarno.

The Attorneys and Public Notaries of the Firm have a broad range of experience and are highly qualified. Our team comprises Certified Specialist SBA in Inheritance Law, in Construction and Real Estate Law, in Civil Liability and Insurance Law and in Mediation.

The law firm offers a global service, advice and litigation, to demanding clients looking for a competent and individualised follow up.

Thanks to the great diversity of specialisations and focused areas combined within the Firm, Eigenmann & Associés offers its clients superior legal services in all areas of the law for legal advice, mediation, litigation as well as for arbitral proceedings.

Our main practice languages are French, English, Italian, German and Turkish.