Eigenmann Associés

Eigenmann Associés is a law firm and public notary firm active in Switzerland and abroad, with offices in Lausanne and in Locarno.

The law firm provides a comprehensive service, offering support, advice, and legal representation to a demanding clientele seeking expert and personalized assistance.

The lawyers and notaries of the firm have extensive experience and excellent training, including specializations recognized by the Swiss Federation of Lawyers (in Inheritance Law, in Construction and Real Estate Law, in Torts and insurance Law and in Mediation).

Our main practice languages are French, German, English, Italian and Turkish.

Bureaux - Eigenmann Associés


The partners of the firm, Antoine Eigenmann, Fiorenzo Cotti, Géraldine Chapus-Rapin, Marc Beuchat, and Corinne Monnard Séchaud, along with the collaborating lawyers and the entire team, work tirelessly to provide quality services with responsiveness and availability.

Visions & values

The firm places the client at the center of its concerns, providing a comprehensive service, both advisory and litigation, to a demanding clientele seeking expert and personalized support.

Ethics and Confidentiality

We consider ethics and confidentiality as unwavering pillars of our practice. Every interaction and case are handled with the utmost respect for the ethical rules of the profession, and absolute confidentiality is guaranteed at every stage of the process.

Dynamism and Team Spirit

Our team is dynamic and united in the pursuit of excellence. We are constantly seeking innovative ways to address legal challenges, and we work together with energy and determination to achieve set objectives.

Listening and Responsiveness

Our commitment to attentive listening and quick responsiveness is the foundation of our approach. We understand the importance of being available and acting promptly to address your legal needs and concerns.


We believe in total transparency in our work. You will be informed in a clear and concise manner at every stage of the process, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding your legal matter.